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  Security Toner for Preventing Cheque Forgery  

A meet the press, organized by JBSPPL, in progress at DRU Wednesday for using MICR Security Toner to prevent cheque forgery.Salim Prodhan Chairman Japan Bangladesh GroupJapan-Bangladesh Security Printing and Papers Ltd in collaboration with TROY group of America has introduced MICR Security Toner for preventing cheque forgery in banks across the country. In this connection Japan-Bangladesh Security Printing and Papers Ltd (JBSPPL) organised a press conference Wednesday at Dhaka Reporters' Unity (DRU) in the city. Salim Prodhan, Chairman, Khondakar Kamrul Haque, Managing Director, Jahid Hossain, Additional managing director of JBSPPL, John Hodgson, Vice President of TROY group, Braan R. Peck, chief of Asia Pacific Region of TROY group, among others, were present at the press conference. Salim Prodhan said cheque forgery is increasing at an alarming rate. In this situation we should take right technology which can prevent it. He said MICR Security Toner is a special ink which will not be erased with chemical as well as it is not possible to temper with the writing. "We export the toner in maximum countries of the world. Cent percent copying can be prevented by using the toner," said John Hodgson. Salim Prodhan urged the government to take proper security measures for preventing cheque forgery. "We want to assist the government to reduce cheque copying and we are offering our technology to them," Salim Prodhan.

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