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The Project envisage setting up of a joint venture project with financial, design, testing, commissioning, operation & Maintenance and technical support of Japan for assembly/manufacturer of power plant of capacity 1-50MW.JB TonerMr. Salim Prodhan an established businessman in the country and abroad is the main sponsor of the project. He had been to Japan for long time and in fact built up his Business carrier. He is Chairman of Japan-Bangladesh Group, which consist a Security Printing, a Three Star Hotel and a no of Trading and Service Company.

The project when implemented will create employment opportunity of a good number of people of at all level. This will help solve the burning unemployment problem of country to a extend

Photovoltaic system, solar Heating system, Hydro Power system, Wind turbine system, Biogas system. Beside there is programmer for Environment Consultancy, Environmental Education Business, Development of Natural Energy system, Development of Environment Devices. The site of the project selected at Vhulta, Rupgang, Narayanganj where sufficient land has already been purchased by the local sponsor of the project.

A joint venture agreement to the effect of establishing the project has already been executed. The local and foreign share of equity is 51% and 49% respectively. The process of incorporating the company in the name and style of Japan-Bangladesh Energy & Environment Development Corporation Ltd. With the register, joint stock companies underway.

Corporate Set up The company will be registered with the register: Joint stock company as a Public company initially with authorized capital of 25 crore divided into share of TK. 100/= each. The paid-up Capital of the Company initially fixed at TK.5 crore. The authorized capital and paid up capital will be increased requirement of the und of the project. The registered office of the company is situated at NSC Tower, 62/3 Purana Palton, Dhaka-1000.

Marketing The products like photovoltaic system, solar Heating system, Hydro Power system, Wind turbine system, Biogas system will be sold to the prospective buyers. Power plants of 10-50MW capacity will be installed on BOO (Build own and operate) terms at suitable rural urban area where Power supply is insufficient / irregular. And agreement with the Power distribution authority of that area will be executed to the effect that they will buy entire Power at a rate to be decided mutually.

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